Waterfowl Hunters Expo: Video Ads

Waterfowl Hunters Expo is an annual consumer exposition, held in Oshkosh, WI. Grit provides photo and video coverage of the event covering 40+ activities and attractions in a single day. The show team then uses photo and video materials to support their social media channels. In advance of the next year, Grit writes, directs, and edits three video ads to help promote the show. The first is a video at built around a traditionally 30 second promotional format that the show can run as social media ad or on television when budgets allow. The second, is a condense 15 second highlight reel geared mainly for social and web uses to the variety of attractions the show offers in a succinct and compelling format. The third version is not shown publicly and contains a different value proposition. Rather than focusing on attractions the third spot concentrates on aspects that sponsors and vendors will find interest in to support the shows sales team. All three ads are then adjusted to fit 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 aspect ratios to fit will with an array of social apps restrictions.

30sec. Promotional

15sec. Hype Video

Sponsors & Vendors Video