creative agency Hartland Wisconsin
Chase photographing AR rifle on a tripod
Chase wade fishing in a small rocky river
kayak full of camera gear parked in fresh water marsh
Chase running sony camera on a gimbal during snow storm beard covered in snow and ice
Chase photographing a hunting knife

Down to grit.

Down to grit.

Based in Hartland, Wisconsin, Grit is a creative agency that specializes in the Outdoor Industry. We live for two things; the great outdoors and great creative.

Our mission is to help your brand discover what defines it. Then we can effectively connect your brand with your ideal customers.

Grit is something that lives deep within many of us. It’s that power you find when reason and logic are telling you to pack it up and go home. Grit lives in the duck hunter, breaking ice in the dark. It’s present in the fisherman that keeps grinding under a blazing sun. Grit is the force that wears out your jeans and puts holes in your boots. All the hours invested into scouting, prepping, tuning and practicing. Who doesn’t love a great tale of perseverance and resilience? Even after we are gone, our grit can live on in stories and legend.

Business in the Outdoor Industry also requires great resolve. Many products and businesses in this market were bootstrapped in garages and basements before they became industry leaders. Sometimes against logical reasons to quit, perseverance keeps them on the hunt.

Here at Grit, we highlight the core values and differentiating factors of your brand. With high standards of visual aesthetic and the strong work ethic the Midwest is known for, only great work is considered acceptable. It takes more than good ideas to help your business grow. Planning without action isn’t worth much. That’s why at Grit we are big fans of getting our hands dirty and our boots muddy. You don’t throw in the towel when business or weather gets rough, and neither do your customers. That’s why it’s important that the people telling your story are willing to jump into the thick of it right beside you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fishing video shot from a kayak or crawling through the dirt for that perfect angle on a hiking photograph — we live for those moments in Hartland, Wisconsin.

We embrace the idea of no stone left unturned making sure that the creative solution our agency arrives at is the best possible solution.