Horicon Marsh Bowmen: Event Highlight Videos

Marked Trail Shoot

Hosted by HMB and several sponsors, the Marked Trail Shoot put dozens of tournament archers head-to-head. Competitors tested their skills in one of five divisions, while walking a 3D course of 20 targets. The top five scores of the qualifying round were placed into a shoot off to decide the final podium positions. Winners in each division took home bragging rights as well as prize money.

Capturing this event was rather straightforward as competitive archers are already accustomed to being filmed. The biggest challenge to production was the shotgun start and trying to a lot of ground to cover as many targets and competitors as possible.

Wonder Woman Day

Ran by HMB and operated by a number of volunteers, Wonder Woman Day was a women only archery event. The purpose of this event was to get more women to try and get involved in the sport of archery. Majority of instruction was provided by experienced female archers as well. The event offered a well-rounded experience including, private lessons, a noncompetitive 3D shoot, raffling drawing, frying pan toss, a bonfire, and a lot of laughter. It wasn’t a day of scoring points or awarding trophies but rather a bonding experience focused on just having fun as a small community.

This event was a great deal of fun and entertaining to observe as a videographer. However, since many of the participants were new to the sport and maybe even apprehensive to give it a try, I felt it was necessary to minimize the presence of cameras. Making use of GoPros and long lenses, I tried not to put cameras in people’s faces if I could avoid it—resulting in rather genuine and candid moments in the end video.

June 3D Shoot

The first shoot of the season set dozens of club members and guests in competition on 28 individual targets through a wooded 3D range. Targets varied greatly in size, at distances of 3 to 80 yards. Physical obstructions added increased the challenge, making it critical for participants to stay on top of their game mentally and physically to have a chance at the podium.

Traditional Shoot

The Trad Shoot at HMB is an event unlike any other the club hosts. It’s less of a tournament and more an archery rendezvous. Participants come from all over the state (and beyond) to camp, bonfire, swap stories, shoot traditional bows, and even sell goods—most of which are handmade.

The entire club was buzzing with energy throughout the event, and it had a feeling of a campground or shanty town rather than an archery tournament. Lack of a formal schedule made it a relaxing event but challenging to film since sometimes traffic on the course varied greatly throughout the day. The style most traditional archers shoot with also took some adjusting to. Traditional archers typically do not hold their bow at full draw while acquiring the target. Instead, they focus on the target through the draw and release quickly with little or no hold at all. This meant my framing and focus needed to be spot on right away. In the end everyone shared a lot of laughs and I got to see a lot finely crafted equipment each with touches unique to its owner.