Good Ole Boys Ammunition: Brand Identity Design

Defining the Brand

After much debate and discussion, the final direction for the brand was to create a brand image with the look and spirit of the old west, combined with a contemporary design aesthetic. The brand needs to feel genuine, adventurous, earthy, gentlemanly, and unapologetically American. In an industry cluttered with competitors all clamoring for attention through bright colors and loud/busy packaging, GOBA can create separation by being the brand that is down to earth, dedicated to providing quality, and aligned with hard-working American values.


In the classic western movie, there are few scenes as characterizing of the good ole boy as the old cowboy sitting on the porch of his frontier home, patiently cleaning, and polishing his gun. The side-by-side shotgun was such an iconic firearm of the period that we refer to riding “shotgun” today long after the era of the stagecoach. And whether you are fan of the old west or not, everyone knows the dog as a universal symbol of loyalty, broadly known as the “good boy”.

Package Design

Packaging was created to offer convenient 50rd. boxes as well as cost saving 750rd. bulk bins. The aesthetics were kept in-line with the overarching brand standards, while also paying homage to some of the early ammunition manufactures such as Peters, Winchester, and Remington. The 50rd box die-line was created to house plastic trays which allows for easy customer access and keeps the box sturdy and reliable for shipping and handling on the retail shelf.

Product image of Good Ole Boys Ammunition 50 rounds of 9mm
Product Image, Bulk box of 9mm from Good Ole Boys Ammunition

Website Design


The design of the website incorporates all the common colors and elements of the brand. While the package design is very illustrated, the website was a great opportunity to incorporate classic western imagery in contemporary photography styles. It also gave us a chance to call out some of the core values of the brand/product—reliable, accurate, high-quality, and made in USA.


The overall design was kept clean and simple with only a few small embellishments. The GOBA customers appreciate efficiency, so the user interface was kept minimal with a clear path to shopping and purchasing products. Products were titled very specifically, calling out the numerous specs that marksman are particular about. Customers looking for something specific can also filter the products by various ammunition specs to find exactly what they need. For the real die-hards, there is even a section dedicated to ballistics measurements of each product. Moving over to mobile, the overall design approach stays the same, with minor simplification to ease navigation.