Short Film: Finding Fiver

This project was originally planned as a simple series of grab and grin photos for bow hunter and competitive archer Wyatt Michaud, with his Wisconsin bow season harvest. On a whim, I decided to film a little video of Wyatt tracking his deer, just for fun, figuring maybe it would come in handy as extra b-roll in a future project. With warm temps threatening to spoil some prime venison, Wyatt gave the deer as much time as he could and was feeling good about his shot placement when he decided it was time to start searching.

To everyone’s surprise, the group bumped the buck which swam across the river to an island. I kept the camera rolling and Wyatt immediately started trying to make another hit on the deer’s vitals, to keep it on the island and out of the swamp on the other side. Between hitting obstructions and some question on the distance, Wyatt ended up sending off his remaining four arrows. In fact, when you see him crossing the river in the video, the single arrow he has remaining is same arrow he first hit the deer with from his stand. This seemed rather disheartening in the moment but once reaching the animal, we quickly realized that he only missed one of the five shots and that other four hit the mark—it was just one tough buck. I was truly in awe of the moments unfolding before me and beyond grateful that I DID bring cameras with me on the trip. It truly will be story we remember for a lifetime.